Principal investigators:
Matthijs Kalmijn, Mirjam Fischer, Stephanie Steinmetz, Henny Bos 

With this project we collect representative survey data on different union types in the Netherlands, namely mixed-sex and same-sex couples. The well-being of unions and families depends in part on the wider social context in which they are embedded, particularly that of non-traditional family forms deviating from the ideal of the nuclear family. Therefore, we study well-being, health, social integration and relationship quality of the union types in relation with the social context in the municipality in which they live. The data is collected in June 2016 using an online survey. The samples are drawn from the Dutch population registers in about 20 municipalities. There is an increasing demand for data on same-sex unions, which is not biased by non-probability recruitment strategies. We aim for a sample size that provides a large enough number for statistical comparison with mixed-sex couples. This comparative aspect is crucial when trying to uncover structural inequality of a social group compared to the majority.

Visit site: http://unionsincontext.nl