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Work in progress

Fischer, M. M., Kalmijn, M. & Steinmetz, S. The Social Integration of Lesbians, Gay Men and Bisexuals: Exploring the Role of the Municipal Context. Under review at an international peer-reviewed journal. Request working paper.

Fischer M. M., The Personal Networks of Lesbian Women and Gay Men: Results from Recent Probability Sample Data in The Netherlands. Under review at an international peer-reviewed journal. Request working paper.

Fischer, M. M. & LeBlanc, A. Mental Health and Connectedness to the LGBT Community: A Dyadic Analysis of Same-Sex Couples in the US. In progress.  Request working paper.

Fischer, M. M., Kalmijn, M. & Steinmetz, S. Social Integration and its Link with Tolerance of Homosexuality: Evidence from a Cross-national Study in 28 European Countries and Israel. In progress.  Request working paper.